I started writing and producing music professionally in 2003.  Most of the time I created backing tracks and then collaborate with other artists to make demos ready for pitching or subsequent release. The majority of tracks are written for new artists or groups in the pop or dance industry, some end up as released songs and others not.

Discography - this is a link to my discography (on of released songs with various artists. 

Here are some covers from records I've been involved with. The biggest chart success was 'Sash feat. Stunt - Raindrops' which achieved no. 9 in the UK singles charts and no. 3 in the U.S billboard dance hot 100.

Self Published

In late 2011 I co-wrote and released a 4 track demo EP in collaboration with Molly Smitten-Downes ( We submitted the EP to BBC Introducing and received some radio support. In 2014 Molly was asked by the BBC to represent the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest with her own song- click here to watch.

Below is a playlist of the original EP.  

Independent film company Eavesdrop Films also made a video for the track "Its You"- click here to watch

UK Grime artist Marger released a re-mixed version of "Shadows" in 2011 - click here to watch

Un-released Demos

This is a playlist of co-written songs that haven't found a home yet.

Backing Tracks

This is a selection of available backing tracks and ideas.

My current publishers and labels.