Video Editing

Working mainly with Adobe Premiere I do freelance work as a video editor for corporate events.  I also film and edit short videos for small business or community groups. Here are some examples of corporate conference edits.

SIBOS Conference

ITVA Wella Trend Vision Awards

SalesForce Annual Conference

Here are some examples of short promo videos that I shot and edited.

A local cafe / art space supported by a charity.
An electronics design and manufacturing company video.
A testimonial video for a church charity.

Photo Editing & Restoration

As a photographer and designer I spend many hours editing images and graphics to improve the look of the image or to fit better in a design.  I've used Photoshop for over 15 years and often 'restore' or clean up pictures for clients looking to improve the out of camera shot or dramatically repair something in the photo.

Here is a gallery of some before and after images.